Monday, May 18, 2015

Losing My Fear of Knit Fabrics

So, as I was getting  better at sewing all sorts of woven fabrics, there was still a type of fabric I was dying to work with: Knits. I saw them everywhere, from beautiful tops and woven knit combinations, to leggings and shorties. My first attempt at doing anything with knits was a Blue Ribbon Dress by Little Lizard King. I still chickened out a bit and did the up-cycled version,  meaning I would use a store bought shirt for the top part, but that's a start right?
The great thing about the Blue Ribbon pattern was that it included detailed instructions and recommendations on working with knit fabrics, such the use of a ball point or stretch needle, knit interfacing, etc. I loved the look so much, I was hooked and wanted to try more! It really is nothing to fear, it just takes practice and patience. So from that point on I tried some more Blue Ribbon dresses and more, I even tested a wonderful pattern for Made for Mermaids just recently! Here are some of my Blue Ribbon Attempts, getting better with practice. I just regret waiting so long to give knits a go.
This awesome and versatile pattern can be found here:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

My first Blue Ribbon from scratch: Paris theme.

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