Friday, September 18, 2015

Minecraft Inspired Pillow

Hello there!
If you have a kid that's obsessed with the video game Minecraft just like mine, this post is for you.
It is already hard enough for me to sew for my boy, for some reason I enjoy sewing for my little girl more. I wanted to make him something special for his 5th birthday, so aside from making him a Minecraft themed shirt (see post here: Zee's Tee) I also made him a creeper inspired pillow, using Tie Dye Diva's Easy Pillow Cover patern as reference. I made an 18 x 18 instead of the suggested 16 x 16 and used green minky fabric, since it helped recreate a pixelated effect. I drafted a template for the creeper features, you can download it by clicking here . My fabric of choice for the applique was knit, as it doesn't fray. You can secure the applique using temporary fabric adhesive, glue or pins and then sewing around it with a 1/8" allowance. Follow the directions on the pattern and you're done!
Love how it turned out, and as an added bonus, I have my son use his pillow to store his pj's using he opening in the back. He seems to love it!