Wednesday, January 4, 2017

After Christmas Gifts

Hi there!
Happy New year! It is the first week of 2017, the kiddos are finally getting back to their old routines and for me it's the first morning I've had to myself in weeks. 
With Christmas over it's time to get back to normal, but at least in my family we have a few after Christmas traditions that in one way or another celebrate the three wise men visiting baby Jesus. When I was little my family used to celebrate Three Kings Day (Dia de Reyes) on January 6th. My son just got introduced to "La Befana" from Italy at school and since I've heard about her before, I decided to celebrate her arrival on January 6th. La Befana is a good old witch who leaves sweets or a small gift to good children at night, but if the've been bad....they might just get a piece of charcoal instead!

Since I'm over shopping, this time they'll get a handmade gift. Here are a couple of super easy projects to try: The Cottage Mama's art tote (link HERE) I just replaced the straps with cotton webbing to make it even easier/faster. The small purse is a tutorial and pattern that is available on my blog (link HERE). 
I used Springs Creative Trolls fabric for both projects, I added some coloring books and crayons and got the perfect little gift for my daughter. 
So whether you celebrate Three Kings Day, the arrival of La Befana or have your own unique tradition, take the opportunity to create something special for the ones you love.
Happy Creative year!