Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween for boys!

Hi There,
I'm so happy I got to finally sew a Halloween costume for my boy, woohoo!!!  This is a rare occasion, me sewing for him and him letting me take photos, it was a win-win in the end.

My 6 year old is obsessed, I really mean obsessed with Pokemon so he asked me to make him an Ash Ketchum, the main character, costume. After doing some image research, I finally narrowed down what I needed to make, and what we already had or needed to purchase. We already had a pokeball and Picachu plush toy, so everything else (except for pants and shoes) had to be made to accommodate this demanding, but sweet, boy.

For the shirt, I modified Made for Mermaids' Charlie button up shirt, removing the pin tucks and changing up some of the steps so I could add bias trim at the bottom and faux pockets and a 3"x2" tab to add a button. The good thing is, I didn't need all the buttons and buttonholes, just one at the top, secured by the added tab. For the gloves, I traced an existing pair of adult gloves and sewed with 1/4" seam allowance and then cut the fingers off. The green backpack was self drafted, a first but definitely not last for me. The cap was purchased from for about $6.00.

The Charlie button up shirt pattern is available HERE (Affiliate link)

Here is a quick overview of the steps I took to modify the pattern to turn it into Ash's, I changed the order in which I followed the steps so I could have an opportunity to hide the bias tape and created the faux pockets with the same bias tape. 
I think I can say: Mission Accomplished! Can you tell little man is happy?

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