Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Easy Pants Alert!

OK, so as my sewing improves, so does my need for trying new patterns,  and here is one I’ve bought some time ago and finally got to try out: The Scientific Seamstress Easy Fit Pants. The name of the pattern is a true indicator of how easy these pants are to make. Ruffles and all, it took me about 2 hours to finish two pairs that I was working on simultaneously, seriously, how cool is that?  I would say the only tricky part was cutting the fabric because I chose a chevron fabric and it would only make sense to have it match, right? I did have to pay special attention to my sewing to make sure everything lined up correctly but it was mostly because of my fabric of choice than the pattern itself. I purposely made these two pairs in these two colors because I found a matching iron-on patch that I could apply to a simple white t-shirt and have 2 different outfits out of 3 pieces of clothing, since the top matched both pants perfectly. For a 2T size I used about a whole yard mostly because I had to make sure the chevron print lined up perfectly for both leg pieces and also the ruffles (which I love!). This sure is a fun and easy pattern to try out and it also works for shorts. I will be trying to make some for my little boy next. You sure get a lot of bang for your buck (even a doll version is included).
Pattern available at:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello School Year 2014 - 2015!

The school year 2014-2015 has officially started in my little side of the world and I am very happy. My children have enjoyed all that summer has to offer and now it’s time to focus a little more on learning and a little less on the fun part of being home with them. I couldn't start the new school year without making new clothes for little miss Julia. For our first day of home school preschool I made her a super hippie inspired outfit using Brownie Goose’s Lily ruffler pants, they turned out great!! Even I am impressed. The instructions are great as well as the pattern layout, it only took me a couple of hours which is not too bad considering that I am constantly interrupted.  For the top, I decided to use Mouse House Creations Persimmon tunic. I must admit I was a little afraid of the pleats, but Hayley’s  instructions were awesome! I really love the combination of this two pieces, totally unique and one of a kind together.
And the Lily ruffle pants at: 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Julia!

Today is a very special day for me: It is my daughter Julia’s 2nd Birthday. I can’t thank her enough for all the joy and happiness she has brought to our lives, she truly is my inspiration to create in so many ways, from my etsy shop for hair accessories: Sweet Julia Boutique, to my most recent love for sewing.  I never would have thought having a little girl, especially such a girly, girl, would be so much fun. Since she is a huge Minnie Mouse fan, what more could I do but to make something special for the occasion, just for her: Julia’s very own Minnie Mouse inspired dress, using none other than my favorite pattern : the Norah Dress by Mouse House Creations.
All I did was piece together a nice hot pink and white dot fabric with a solid color hot pink fabric from hobby lobby and cut the pattern after that. So, what do you think, close enough?

Little Miss Julia sure seems to enjoy her new Minnie inspired dress and matching headband. Happy Birthday Sweet Julia!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hello and welcome to my little contribution to the sewing world!
My name is Paola and I love to sew. I learned just a little bit of sewing (pretty much just how to thread my machine and basic straight stitch) from my mother, who was just amazing but really had no time to sew. I got my very first sewing machine back in 2006 and thought I would use it all the time. I bought all sorts of patterns and fabric and once I opened said patterns I realized that I knew nothing, I mean, seriously I just couldn’t figure them out. Needless to say, I quit sewing altogether until my son was born. Aside from a couple of burp cloths, I made very little for him because, again, I found the store bought patterns to be very confusing for someone with no experience like me. Then, when my daughter was born in 2012 something happened: I really wanted to sew. I started doing some online research and I discovered what an amazing sewing community was out there, willing to help and encourage the novice sewist. My first encounters with sewing pages were at and I made nicer burp clothes for my daughter and my very first pillowcase dress. I was hooked. I asked for a serger and my amazing husband got me one last year. After that I was at the point of no return. I discovered the most amazing PDF patterns that come with amazing step by step tutorials and an online community just a message away, always willing to help. I can now say that my sewing has improved, I am still a rookie but I can make an outfit that looks well finished and pretty decent if I say so myself. My children are my inspiration and the sewing community out there my strength and source of encouragement, knowledge and support. So here I am, just trying to share my experience with the amazing world of online, PDF sewing patterns. Enjoy and if you need any help or have any questions just leave a comment, I will be more than happy to help or direct you to someone that can (most likely the case since I am a true newbie)

Happy Sewing!