Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Easy Pants Alert!

OK, so as my sewing improves, so does my need for trying new patterns,  and here is one I’ve bought some time ago and finally got to try out: The Scientific Seamstress Easy Fit Pants. The name of the pattern is a true indicator of how easy these pants are to make. Ruffles and all, it took me about 2 hours to finish two pairs that I was working on simultaneously, seriously, how cool is that?  I would say the only tricky part was cutting the fabric because I chose a chevron fabric and it would only make sense to have it match, right? I did have to pay special attention to my sewing to make sure everything lined up correctly but it was mostly because of my fabric of choice than the pattern itself. I purposely made these two pairs in these two colors because I found a matching iron-on patch that I could apply to a simple white t-shirt and have 2 different outfits out of 3 pieces of clothing, since the top matched both pants perfectly. For a 2T size I used about a whole yard mostly because I had to make sure the chevron print lined up perfectly for both leg pieces and also the ruffles (which I love!). This sure is a fun and easy pattern to try out and it also works for shorts. I will be trying to make some for my little boy next. You sure get a lot of bang for your buck (even a doll version is included).
Pattern available at: