Friday, August 28, 2015

The Wonderful Zee's Tee

I must confess: I am guilty of sewing more for my little girl than my boy. I know I am not the only one out there. This time is my little boy's time! I found the perfect fabric for him, a Minecraft themed custom knit and the perfect pattern for him to wear in this hot Texas summer: The Zee's tee by Tie Dye Diva. I bought this pattern last year almost as soon as it released and been hoarding it since, waiting for the perfect fabric to make something truly special for my son. I must say I really love this pattern. I am a true beginner sewing with knit fabrics and Jen's step by step tutorial was a blessing to have, it helped me make this adventure truly enjoyable and I must say I have never seen my son so excited about my sewing. He wore this shirt on his 5th Birthday and on his very first day of kindergarten. I know I will be making more of these wonderful shirts, the fit is spot on and the look is amazing, It makes me feel good to finally make something for my son, a true one of a kind look for my Minecraft loving son.
Zee's tee can be found here: Zee's Tee

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pattern Hack: The Olivia Bloomers

The Olivia, created by talented Megan from Made for Mermaids, has quickly become my go-to pattern for bloomers and pantaloons. I was honored to test the pattern a few weeks ago, and since I couldn't get enough of it I decided to hack it and add straps to it, much like another pattern of Megan's that I love: The Samantha Skirt. While I used the Samantha skirt as inspiration for this pattern hack, I added techniques that I learned from other Megan's patterns such as the Molly and Alyssa. I wanted a flat front waist and elastic only in the back portion, and I also wanted the straps to cross instead of tying them on a bow. Overall I am very pleased with the result. The final touch was a pair of big buttons that truly make this outfit stand out. I chose Michael Miller's Mini Harlequin fabric in pastille for a super girly color combination.

The Olivia Bloomers and Pantaloons pattern is available here: Olivia Pattern

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pattern Hack: The Allie Oop

Ever since the Allie Oop by Brownie Goose was released earlier this summer, I was totally in love! This pattern is not only very sweet and simple but its enclosed gathering seams make it pretty inside and out. 
I had made 3 Allie Oops already and was ready for more. This time I decided to add one of my favorite details for little girls clothing: a Peter Pan Collar. I also thought it would look great with cap sleeves so I said why not? and went for it. One of the most beautiful details of the original pattern is the front neckline and ties and wanted to make sure to preserve them, so I very carefully attached the collar and made sure to stay within the seam allowance so not to alter it at all. I added cap sleeves and enclosed them in the bodice so it remained very clean on the inside. The overall result really wowed me. I chose Michael Miller's Swan Lake and coordinating bitty floral to achieve exactly the look I dreamed of. This was a fantastic experience, I am extremely pleased. 
Brownie Goose Allie Oop pattern is available here: Allie Oop by Brownie Goose
I paired this beautiful top with: Olivia Bloomers by Made for Mermaids


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pattern Hack: Izzy and Ivy's Tallulah

I just recently learned about Izzy and Ivy patterns and joined their Tallulah dress sew along; I liked it so much that I had to make more! This time, I decided to change it just a bit and add details I love like buttons. I decided to also turn it into an open dress with enclosed gathering seams, replacing the waist sash with a button enclosure. The result was just what I envisioned and I couldn't have picked better fabric than Michael Miller's Packmates, and Hearts for the accent waistband. The Packmates collection reminds me just a little bit of my native PerĂº and the beautiful Alpacas that grace the mountains, just such elegant creatures.  Altering a pattern so much was a first for me but I really enjoyed the experience and my little one declared it "playground approved".

Izzy & Ivy's Tallulah Pattern Can be found here: Tallulah Top and Dress