Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Color Me Toddler Purse Tutorial

Hello There!
If you have a toddler that loves to carry purses or need a last minute present for a toddler, you'll love this tutorial. My fabric of choice was Hailey Crouse's Color Me for Michael Miller. It allows for the fabric to be colored, so if you include a set of markers in your little purse, you'll have the perfect gift!

You will need:

- 1/3 of a yard of Color Me fabric
- 1/3 of a yard of lining fabric
- 7/8" Wide Ribbon
- Rick Rack, Piping or any other trim of your choice
- 1 Button or Snap fastener
- Flap Pattern HERE

Step 1:

Cut your flap pieces, 1 main, 1 lining
Cut your main body pieces:   2   8"W x 6" L main fabric
                                               2   8"W x 6" L lining fabric

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon, Approximately 20" each (I always cut longer and trim as needed)
The Seam allowance will be 1/4" for the flap and 1/2" everywhere else. Once all your pieces are cut, you will have something like this on your table.

Step 2:

Add any embellishments or trims to the right side of your flap, or leave as is. I added rick rack and used wash away tape to keep in place.

Step 3:

With right sides together sew main fabric and  lining fabric, along the round side only, using 1/4" seam allowance. If you added a trim, it will be sandwiched between the two fabrics. You may use pinking shears to cut excess. Turn over, press and top stitch along the round edge, set aside.

Step 4:

With right sides together sew the main fabric body pieces, starting on one side and ending on the other, leaving the top part open. Repeat for lining. You will use a 1/2" Seam Allowance. Press the seams open.

Step 5:

Starting at the joint of the side and bottom seams, form a triangle. Press to secure and sew 1/2" from the tip of the triangle. cut excess. Repeat for other side and lining. Trim Excess.

Step 6:

Pin and Baste the flap to top back side of  the main body piece, right sides together and 1/2" away from each side seam. Pin and Baste the ribbon, right sides together to the sides, matching the side seams to the center of the ribbon.  Turn over.

Step 7:

Place the main fabric purse inside the lining, with right sides together. Pin and sew along the top, with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a 2" opening  for turning.

Step 8:

Pull main fabric through the 2" opening and press. Top Stitch along the top main body of the purse, catching the opening so it will now be closed. Make a buttonhole and stitch a button or use a snap to secure. Tie a bow at the desired length and your purse is ready! Add markers inside and it's ready for gift giving.

Step 9:

 Enjoy your creation!