Friday, May 15, 2015

Taking a Beginner Pattern to the Next Level

A few months back I had the opportunity to participate in a fun sew-along on the Little Lizard King Facebook group, what an inspiring display of creative greatness! Just being surrounded by such amazing and creatively talented individuals makes one definitely try to step up their game and get out of your comfort zone. 
I marveled at all the creations in the sew along and decided to try to up my game a little and add tons of color details to an otherwise dull combination. Just adding a red polka dot ruffle and some yellow accents sure made the Aria dress stand out. The best part was being judged by fellow members from the group and win a fabulous stash of fabric from Allison Glass Designs. It was the first time I got free fabric and I was thrilled!
The Aria Ruffle dress is definitely a Beginner friendly pattern, and details can be added depending on how comfortable you feel about adding ruffles, etc. It really takes two basic skills: Sew on a straight line and gathering for the skirt portion. The neck and arm elastic are not difficult at all and the best part of most PDF sewing patterns is that they come with wonderful step by step photo tutorials to guide you along the way. 
The Aria Ruffle Dress pattern can be purchased directly from the Little Lizard King page at: 
It can be made from sizes 3 months to 8 and includes a doll pattern as well. It is extremely well written and full of helpful information. The best part about this style of dress is that once outgrown in length it can be worn as a tunic/top.

My favorite Aria Ruffle Dress, just a couple of details sure make it pop

The Aria Dress can also be made using panels, to put fabric remnants to good
use and add a hint of color. A bodice ruffle and a couple of buttons pull this
color scheme together.

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