Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Sewing Room

So, this is where it all happens! I finally decided to quick my children out of the game room we have on the second floor and took it over with all my sewing treasures, I never realized how much stuff I had until it finally happened. I am beyond pleased with having a dedicated space, hardwood floors make it so much easier to clean up after I'm finished and all the light I get during the day is just lovely. The only downside is that it gets hot, I mean, I call my sewing area the sweat shop during the Texas summer for a reason, but the ceiling fan sure helps. So here is my photo overload because I am really super happy with the space. Enjoy!


Some Target cubbies were perfect for some of my fabric.

Love my sewing tables, they are not only perfect but have enough room to store fabric and notions.

Notions and Trims, in clear glass containers because I like to see them all!...and to help the environment of course!

And my first pastel painting to add a personal touch!


  1. Your sewing room looks great! It's definitely changed since your MMF guest post :)

    1. Yes, I think I finally have it the way I want, It really has become my space, all it needs is a door to keep away my occasional intruders (aka mommy what are you doing? askers lol!)