Friday, October 28, 2016

Team Spirit Bandanna Wreath

Fall is here and in my house it means Football! My husband and I are big football fans so Springs Creative sent me the perfect material for a fun project, a wreath for my door, just to welcome all my football loving friends. I am in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, can you guess what team has taken over my heart? Let the colors tell you!

Want to make a Bandanna wreath for your home? Here's a quick tutorial. The process is super simple, it just takes some patience, straight stitches and pressing to create memory creases to follow and keep our stitching straight.

For this project I used:

15 Bandannas
14" Diameter Embroidery Hoop
Coordinating Ribbon (with wire)
Glue gun and Football embellishments
The good thing about working with bandannas: All the edges are already finished!

Step 1: place 2 bandannas right sides together, pin and sew (I used a 1/2" seam allowance). Repeat with the remaining 13, joining the bandanna ends in a long, long piece of fabric. Make sure all your sewing stays on the same side.

Step 2:  Press all the seams open and fold along the super long side, keeping the wrong sides together and creating a seam at the fold. From there, you will create two creases/marks with the iron, approximately 3.5" from each other. I know, you are now thinking, does all this pressing ever ends? Believe me, it does and it helps tremendously!
Step 3: Take that super duper long piece of fabric and sew along the crease lines, using the crease lines as a guide. See? Told ya those lines had a reason for being! Repeat for second crease line and you are just about done!
Step 4: Use the casing you created to insert your embroidery hoop. Close the hoop and join the open ends by hand with needle and thread. You can now create a pretty bow, glue embellishments to the center and add to your wreath with a piece of ribbon or twine. 

You are Done!
Are you feeling the team spirit yet?

Thanks for stopping by, it was a pleasure to welcome you into my football loving home.
Until next time,


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